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"Transformation of digital technologies, manufacturing processes, and business methodology serves as a catalyst to deliver value in every aspect of end-to-end lifecycle management. Customized products that resolve your problems and make a long-lasting positive impact on their business."

Technological innovation has always been one of the key drivers of our consistent growth rate and at Redwop we focus on utilizing technology to its optimum. Over the years, we have transformed drastically and the trend continues. Our avant-garde infrastructure and the end products tell you the whole story.

Apart from creating value for our customers, we also focus on creating an unprecedented experience that serves as an example. We are truly redefining the way the work is being done. The dynamic manufacturing and construction industry calls for a seamless transition and we have been able to do with sheer ease over the years, as we didn’t have to start from scratch.

IoT Driven Automation:

We are one of the early adopters of IoT-driven automation. Faster and astonishingly precise manufacturing through optimum use of robotics has helped us take innovation to the next level.

IoT-powered automation is impervious to several elements including employee attrition, fatigue, illness, and human error that would hamper production and product quality. At Redwop, consistency, and quality both are important and that’s why we have deemed the best construction material exporter in India.

With predictive analytics that provides access to granular analysis of data, we are able to make well-informed decision making and perform for better outcomes. From managing maintenance intervals to standardizing communication protocols, and improving product quality, the list of benefits is truly infinite.

We have a trained workforce that is well-versed with how these machines work. There is next to nil waste and production time that helps us reduce carbon footprint whilst enhancing product quality and production capacity. Owing to our immense control over the entire automation process, we are able to achieve our objectives with utmost ease.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for Unparalleled Outcomes

We are equipped with a fully integrated ERP suite for scalable solutions and to witness real-time innovation with purpose. Better control on all elements such as distribution, manufacturing, data security, and quality control aids in achieving desired outcomes.

Flexibility & Ease

Flexibility being at the core of our production methodology, Redwop takes production to another level altogether.


As a data-driven manufacturing company, we know how data can help ameliorate the overall customer experience every time.


Improved cloud-based enterprise resource planning strengthens our manufacturing processes with 100 percent automation.

Increased uptime

Increased production uptime minus any hassles or interruptions is the hallmark of Redwop’s production modus operandi.

Inventory Management

At Redwop, we acknowledge the importance of better inventory management and what does it better than advanced software.

Better demand forecasting

Better demand forecasting helps us with a new level of preparedness to meet the demand volume based on data and customer responses.

Research & Development:

Redwop has cemented its strong position in the ever-competitive construction chemical and material manufacturing arena. The first step to innovation in research and development and we pride our R&D department comprised of the best research minds in the industry.

They help foster our research and development capabilities by conducting market surveys and keeping a close eye on the latest challenges, trends, and what businesses strive for.

There is a strong correlation between innovation and R&D. Our research and development led to highly valued technologies and proven strategies that empower your business with a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our hefty investment in research and development shows in everything we do. It has helped broaden our vision and produce bespoke solutions. It lays a rock-solid foundation and groundwork that pave way for a newer manufacturing world.

Continual evaluation of our existing product range, manufacturing processes, supply chain, logistics, inventory, demand forecasting, and customer interactions are some of the elements that are under the constant scrutiny of our research and development.

What Makes Our R&D a Cut Above?

As a pioneering construction chemical and material manufacturer in India, we are recognized for our immense contribution to the construction industry and our research and development underlines that difference.

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