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POLYCOTE WH is formulated to be mixed with cement on site or simply brush applied over concrete or masonry surfaces to provide an effective waterproof membrane. 

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Category: Water Proofing Chemicals


  • Roofs, terraces and balconies as a sandwich layer  
  • Pools and fountains  
  • Reservoirs and channels  
  • End walls subjected to rain   

  • Non - toxic, non-flammable and user friendly  
  • Can be used in portable water tank also
  • Provides a tough, impermeable waterproof membrane  
  • Can be applied by brush, on horizontal and vertical surfaces  
  •  Excellent adhesion to concrete and masonry surfaces  
  • Protects concrete and mortar from natural elements such as wind, rain, sunlight  
  • Breathable - allows inside water vapor to escape   

Compliance standard:
ASTM C1202
WRAS - "Suitable for use in contact with portable water" - BS 6920: 2000  

Application procedure:  

  • Remove all dust, laitance or debris the surface must also be free from oil, grease, wax or any other form of foreign matter which might

Application temperature Not less than 100C
Water absorption 1% maximum
Pot life @300C 30 min
toxicity Non toxic
Bond strength of concrete Approx. 1 N/mm2

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