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EPCOTE PE280 is a three component solvent based, epoxy resin coating system supplied in weighed packs ready for on-site mixing and use. This nominal thickness provides an impervious topping which is highly chemical resistant by the very careful choice of amine curing agent and graded aggregate

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Category: Epoxy Coating


  • To produce high resistance to chemical attack
  • In wet working areas and where chemical spillage is likely to happen
  • Final coating and sealer for anticorrosive environments
  • In potable water areas  

  • Hard wearing surface
  • High resistance to a wide range of industrial chemicals in Coastal area  Cleaned surface create attractiveness
  • Improve the working environment

Standard Compliance:

BS 476, Part 7: 1971 - Class 1 spread of flame  

Method of application:
  • Surface should be dry and free from all debris, dirt, oil, grease, wax and all other contamination, which could prevent penetration.
  • Steel surface should be cleaned by thorough wire bru

Colour As per RAL sheds
Specific gravity 1.25 to 1.30 gm/cc
Tensile strength 135 Kg/cm2
Cured hardness 18 to 24 hours
Pot life 4 hours @ 200C 1.5 hours @ 350C
Recoat time 6 to 24 hours @200C 4 to 16 hours @350C
Chemical resistance yes
flammable yes
Solid by volume 90%
Temperature resistance 900C to 1400C

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