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POLYCOTE BB is a two component acrylic polymer modified elastomeric waterproofing membrane which consists of POLYCOTE BB powder and POLYCOTE BB liquid acrylic emulsion. It requires only clean fresh water on site mix when mixed in the proper proportions, an easily brush able coating is produced.  POLYCOTE BB powder consists of specially selected cements, graded hard-wearing aggregates and additives supplied in powder and POLYCOTE BB liquid component of blended acrylic copolymers. The polymer provides POLYCOTE BB with exceptional adhesion, toughness and durability.  

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Category: Water Proofing Chemicals


  • Water tanks, reservoirs, swimming pools
  • Roofs and terrace of all types of low and high rise building
  • To protects against concrete decay providing a long lasting barrier to waterborne corrosive salts and atmospheric gases  
  • To re-face and even out variations in concrete and masonry surfaces  
  • To seal concrete masonry walls and bridges the shrinkage cracks which are static  
  • To provide a tough and durable coating which cannot be easily damaged or worn away    

  • Minimum surface preparation needed - Low labor costs
  • Applied directly to the damp concrete and masonry  
  • Excellent adhesion - Bonds to porous and nonporous surfaces
  • Non-toxic-ideal for potable water tanks  
  • Waterproof - Excellent for damp-proofing basements  
  • Breathable-allows transmission of water vapor from interior of building 
  • Excellent for concrete roof, leaking brick and masonry walls  
  • Good resistance to Carbon dioxide and Chloride ion diffusion 

Method of application:
For best results moisten the surface before coating with POLYCOTE BB. Apply the mixed material using a short, stiff bristle brush preferably 100 to 150mm width like paint. Trowel thickness. The second coat of POLYCOTE BB shall apply as soon as the first coat has reached touch dry state. On hot substrates, i.e., over 400C surface temperature, a primer coat of mixed POLYCOTE BB and

Colour Grey / White
Application temperature Not less than 100C
Mixed density 1.90 Kg/L (brushable consistency)
Pot life @200C and @ 350C 1 hrs and 20 min respectively
Tensile strength 2 N/mm2 (at 1.5 mm thickness)

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