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REDICURE SBS is a curing compound on a low viscosity resin emulsion. It is supplied as a white emulsion which forms a white film on drying. When first applied to a fresh cementitious surface the emulsion breaks to form a continuous, non-penetrating white coating.

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Category: Curing Compound


  • Roads and Highways, Runways  
  • Roof decks, Hangars and loading areas  
  • Retaining walls, Pre-stressed structures  
  • Irrigation channels , Civil Engineering structures  
  • Industrial floor slabs  
  • All general concrete applications  
  • Particular large area concrete surfaces  

  • Improved curing of concrete  
  • Control of moisture loss  
  • Improves surface quality  
  • Reducing permeability, producing a hard-wearing, dust free surface Light reflective grades minimize solar temperature gain  
  • Spray application reduces labor costs and eliminates the need for alternative curing 

Compliance standard:

  • BS 7542
  • ASTM C309 

Appearance Milky white liquid
PH Value 5-7 at 270C
VOC Content NIL
Drying time 2-3 hrs. at 270C
Colour White
Specific gravity 1.01- 1.02 gm/c

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