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REMOL EXTRA (Water Based)


REMOL EXTRA is supplied as a pale amber liquid which turns white when diluted with water to produce a chemical release agent. 

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Category: Mould Release Agent


  • For easy and stain free release of concrete moulds and formwork of all types
  • Wooden formwork is used and demolding or stripping times exceed 24 hours  

  • No cleaning of unsightly oil stains if plastering is not required 
  • Produces really fair faced finish concrete
  • Can be used on all types of moulds
  • Reduces storage and transport costs
  • Aids corrosion inhibition 

Application Instructions:

  • First dilute REMOL EXTRA concentrate in the proportion of 1:6 with water, using a clean container and stirring thoroughly until evenly mixed.
  • If the solution is not used the same day, it should be stirred again before use and may require very good stirring after 5 days.
  • Apply the REMOL EXTRA 1:6 water dilution to the face of the formwork by spray, brush

Appearance Light brown coloured liquid
Specific gravity 0.96 @ 200C
Flammable No
Staining No

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