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FLASH STRIP is easy to apply, self-adhesive, pressure-sensitive, UV resistant waterproofing tape protected by aluminums-film and reinforced with polyester film. The adhesive bituminous compound is protected by silicon release film. FLASH STRIP gives lasting protection in all climates FLASH STRIP bonds to a wide range of building materials to form an instant, permanent and water-tight seal. FLASH STRIP can be used in waterproofing and repair work

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Category: Bituminous Products


  • For sealing frames and skylights, parapets, glass and plastic structure • For protecting: metal, plastic, asbestos cement, roofs and coverings in general
  • For repairing: tiles, gutters, metal pipes, metal plate or asbestos cement roofs
  • Easy to fix and compatible with most building material.  
  • No special tools required; only a sharp knife / scissors and a roller / cloth pad is enough.  
  • It does not require any torching and hence is suitable for use in all conditions.
  • Cold applied, doesn’t require heat or chemical bonding agents. Specially trained personnel are not required for application.
  • Withstands climatic changes.
  • Simple and quick application. Saves time and cost.

Compliance standard:
ASTM D5147
ASTM D36  

Application Instructions:

  • Surface must be dry, compact, clean and free of loose particles and impurities; if the application surface area is porous.  
  • Choose the most suitable width of FLASH STRIP.
  • Un

Appearance Black
Flammable Yes

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