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HARD FLOOR(S) is factory blend of selected clean, kiln dry, graded aggregates, ordinary Portland cement, water reducing and densifying admixtures to provide smooth finished coloured floor with durable performance. It adjust the water cement ratio of weaker surface paste and reduces bleeding. It provides high strength wearing surface. 

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Category: Floor Hardner


  • Perceived boundaries of shopping areas
  • Retail or commercial outlets
  • Kitchens, mess and utility area
  • Washroom and changing room
  • Food processing plants and ware house  
  • Resistance to abrasion, wear and tear    
  • Free from dusting
  • Resistance to continuous washing
  • Uniform, dense and impermeable surface
  • Non-oxidizing
  • Available in ranges of colors 

Compliance standard:  
IS 2571:1970  

Method of application:

Application is by traditional dry-shake method onto concrete, at approximately initial set during plastic phase. Quality dry Shake Application consisting of:
  • Commercial and technical consultation
  • Concre

Light traffic 2 to 3Kg/m2
Medium traffic 3 to 5 Kg/m2
Heavy traffic 5 to 7 Kg/m2

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