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SUPERKOT is a heavy duty terrace waterproofing system, composed of specially developed highly elastic and resilient acrylic polymers, properly selected & graded fillers, lightfast & weather durable pigments, additives and best quality fungicidal in water medium. It is used as a liquid applied waterproofing membrane for all types of building terraces. SUPERKOT is a three-layer system with coats in different colors ensuring proper build-up of the thickness, making it a reliable waterproofing system. 

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Category: Water Proofing Chemicals


  • Building roofs / Terraces– Flat & slope
  • RCC Structure
  • Masonry Walls of all types low and high rise buildings
  • Cooling Tower
  • Bridges
  • Over existing cementitious waterproofing treatments like brick-bat coba & Concrete Screeds  

Film thickness – Provides higher dry film thickness of minimum 1 mm in three coat application Crack bridging – Good Bridges cracks Suitability - Can be used for flat as well as sloping roofs Resilience – Forms highly elastic & resilient coating so helps to withstand the structural movements Abrasion resistant – No additional protective coating is required for roof subjected to foot traffic             Ease of application – Can be applied by brush & roller easily Temperature reduction by 8- 9 deg. C @ 45 deg. C Surface temp Weight addition – Light in weight does not add extra weight over the roof Toxicity – It is Non-toxic in nature, Eco-friendly Breathe ability – It is Breathable 

Compliance standard:
ASTM C1202
WRAS - "Suitable for use in contact with portable water" - BS 6920: 2000  

Method of application:
Any deficiencies on the surface should be rectified before applying primer coat

  • Apply sealer coat for better adhesion and sealing
colour White
Surface dry time 30 min
Adhesion to concrete Excellent
Recoating interval 4 to 5 hr. @ 300C
Elongation 150%
UV resistance excellent

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