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METGAURD system comprises of a single component, penetrating silane /silaxone primer and a single component pigmented coating of epoxy, both ready for immediate site use. METGUARD is aliphatic acrylate, solvent based protective coating, providing outstanding resistance to aggressive agents, UV light and rain. It is available in a selected range of colours.

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Category: Epoxy Coating


  • To protect atmospherically exposed reinforced concrete structures from attack by acid gases, chloride ions, sulphate, oxygen and water
  • Suitable to protect the other cementitious substrate and masonry
  • All types of structures, especially those in aggressive marine and coastal environments  
  • Repair system of concrete reinstatement  

  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Eco friendly
  • Excellent barrier to carbon dioxide, chloride ions
  • Sulphate, oxygen and water
  • Allows water vapor to escape from the structure
  • Highly UV resistant aliphatic acrylate gives
  • Resistance to the effects of long term weathering
  • Highly durable in all climatic conditions
  • Selected range of decorative colours  
  • Ease of application - single pack - no mixing of separate componen

Application Instructions:

  • In order to obtain the protective properties of the METGAURD system, it is important that the correct rates of application and over coating time are observed. 
  •  Application should not commence if the temperature of the substrate is below 10°C.  
  • The primer should be applied in one or more coats until the recommended application rate o

Appearance Different colours
Permeability Nil
Depth of carbonation Nil @ 2 hours

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