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EPFLOOR NF40 (SL) is a three part solvent-free combination of epoxy resin, modified amine hardeners filled with specially graded and selected high crushing strength, chemically inert aggregates. It is laid by trowel as durable chemical resistant screed at approximately 1 to 2 mm thickness. This nominal thickness provides an impervious topping which is highly chemical resistant by the very careful choice of amine curing agent and graded aggregate. 

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Category: Self Leveling Flooring


  • Floor topping with exceptional resistance to the surface mechanical wear and attack from chemical spillage
  • To get a safe non-slip finish for personnel and vehicular traffic
  • For heavy engineering plants, chemical handling and process areas, steelworks, dairies, breweries, oil refineries, paint workshops, battery rooms, plating factories, sugar and food industries
  • Widely used for areas of lighter duty where above average durability and low maintenance costs are required  

  • Resistance to abrasion and to a wide range of chemicals  
  • Good gripping surface to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic 
  • Designed for easy laying to a fair finish  
  • Close textured surface  
  • No need for over coating  
  • Successful use proven in a wide performance variety of aggressive locations 

Compliance standard:  
IS 9162-1979  
ISO 4624  

Method of application:

  • It is essential that EPFLOOR NF40 (SL) is applied to sound, clean and dry surfaces in order that maximum bond strength is achieved between the substrate and the flooring system
  • New co

Appearance White liquid
Pot life 30 min
Initial hardness 16 hours
Compressive strength 75N/mm2
Flexural strength 26N/mm2
Tensile strength 12N/mm2
Bond strength 3.0N/mm2
Abrasion resistance 3 mg/ cycle
Hydrochloride Acid 10% Excellent
Sulphuric acid 10% Excellent
Nitric acid 10% Excellent
Lactic 10% Excellent
Citric 10% Excellent

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