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PLUGFAST is supplied as a ready to use blend of dry powders which requires only the addition of clean water at site to produce a highly consistent, rapid setting mortar which is easy to apply in many difficult conditions. The material is based on a blend of cements, graded aggregates, special fillers and chemical additives which control the rate of set and minimize the risk of thermal cracking.

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Category: Fast Plugging


  • For rapid temporary patching and plugging of concrete segments
  • Concrete and brick tunnel linings
  • Sewage systems
  • Below ground access chambers
  • Pipes
  • Basements
  • Foundations and mines  

  • Emergency water stopping capability  
  • Single component only the addition of clean water is required
  • Excellent bond to the substrate  
  • Low exothermal minimizes thermal cracking  
  • Pre-packed formulation to overcome variation in site batching 
  • ontains no chloride admixtures 

 Method of application:

  • Areas to be patched should be cut back to a depth of 15mm.
  • Surface should be brushed clean to remove loose material, dust and laitance.
  • To seal leaks, crack openings must be chased out to approximately 20mm. The chase should always be undercut to avoid leaving a V-section.
  • PLUGFAST should be added to clean water in the following proportions

Appearance Blend of dry powder grey in colour
Setting time 2 to 3 min @ 300C (initial set)
Compressive strength 25N/mm2 @ 300C

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