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SILICOREP WR200 is composed of Siloxane & Silane polymers dispersed in water. It is used for waterproofing of concrete & cementitious vertical walls of building because it penetrate deeply into the substrate & provides an effective water repellent protective coating. It does not changes the appearance of the substrate & the water repellant coating is UV resistant and durable. 

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Category: Water Repellent

Water repellent treatment for

  • Cement painted surfaces
  • Concrete, mortar Clay brick surfaces
  • Natural and artificial stones
  • Mangalore tiled roofs Corrugated AC sheet roofing, etc.  

  • Ease of application  
  • Ready to use, simply brush able or spray applied. Staining  
  • Clear coating does not stain the treated surface
  • Does not change the appearance of exterior decorative coating Prevents entry of moisture into the wall, but allows moisture to evaporate out  
  • Prevent efflorescence
  • Cost effective
  • Due to low viscosity penetration is high, which provides the hydrophobic zone 

 Method of application:

  • Surface should be dry and free from all debris, dirt, oil, grease, wax and all other contamination, which could prevent penetration.
  • Clean the saturated dirt of surface by thorough wire brushing, cleaning with compressed air followed by water washing.
  • Apply one liberal coat of SILICOREP WR200, simply by brushing evenly on the prepared surface.
Colour Clean free flowing pale yellow liquid
Specific weight 1gm/ml @ 300C
Dry time 20 to 30 minutes
PH 7 to 8

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