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POLYMIX is a kind of water-based adhesive made by homogeneously emulsifying vinyl acetate, EVA or acrylic synthetic resin polymers in water. It include the absence of flammable solvents, which makes handling and mixing easier, reducing the risk of fire and minimizing the special precautions required for the use of solvent-based adhesives in the areas of ventilation, flameproof lighting and segregation from other factory operations. 

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Category: Tile Adhesive


  • To increase bonding strength of tiles and stone while working at height and external wall
  • Dust proofing
  • Tiling
  • To improve adhesion  

  • Provides excellent bond to concrete, masonry, stonework, plaster and blackboard  
  • Reduces water permeability
  • Increase compressive strength
  • Increase flexural strength
  • Non corrosive to steel
  • Increases abrasion resistance 

Compliance standard:  
BS 6920  

Method of application:
POLYMIX dosage ratio depends on mix design and site specification requirements, recommended dosage as a guideline 2 to 5% of tile adhesive powder.   

Appearance White liquid
PH value 7 to 8
Flammable solvent Nil
Bonding Yes

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