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REDOSEAL ( White/ Grey)


REDOSEAL is an elastic, single component, gun grade, moisture curing polyurethane sealant specifically developed to be used in building facade expansion joints where high elasticity is required

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Category: Sealent

product is suitable for sealing joints of followings:

  • Precast elements
  • External walling
  • Curtain walling and cladding
  • Panel walls
  • Window and door perimeter  
  • Reduces the possibility of applicator error and possible joint failure  Excellent thixotropic property - non-sag  
  • Elastic low modulus  
  • Pitch-free over paintable  
  • Movement capability 25%  
  • Bubble-free curing, no weak areas for air bubbles to develop
  • Excellent resistance to weathering (DIN 14231)  
  • Very good adhesion to most construction materials especially concrete without the need of primer  
  • Permanently elastic over a wide range of temperatures  

Compliance standard:  

Method of application:

  • Joint surfaces must be dry, clean and free of all contamination. Glass, metal and other nonporous surfaces must be free of any coatings and wiped clean with solvent.
  • REDOSEAL has excellent adhesi

Colour Grey & white
Specific weight 1.42 to 1.50gm/cc
Tensile strength 15 N/mm2
Minimum application temperature 50C to 350C
PH 7 to 8

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