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PLASTCONE AP211 is a chlorine free water reducing admixture based on selected sugar- reduced lignosulphates. It is supplied as a brown solution which instantly disperses inwater. It disperses the fine particles in the concrete mix, enabling the water content ofthe concrete to performmore effectivelyand improving the consistency of the concrete. This produces higher levels of workability for the same water content, allowing benefits such as water reduction and increased strengths to be taken.

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Category: Concrete Admixure


  • To improve the effectiveness of the water content of a concrete mix Higher dosages provide effective means of reducing concrete permeability and thereby reducing water penetration.

  • Allows specified strength grades to be met at reducedcementcontentorincreasedworkability.
  • Waterreduction significantly improves compressive strengths at all ages and enhances durability through the production of low permeability concrete.
  • Minimizes the risk of segregation and bleedingand assistsintheproductionofadense, closetextured surface, improving durability.
  • Chloride free, safe for use in prestress and reinforced concrete

Compliance standard:
IS 9103
BS 5075 Part 3-1985

Method of application:
The optimum dosage of PLASTCONE AP211 to meet specific requirements should always be determined by trials This allows the optimization of admixture dosage and mix design and provides a complete assessment of the concrete

Appearance Brown liquid
Sp. Gravity 1.05 - 1.07@25 0 C
PH value 7 to 8
Chlorine content Nil

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