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PRIMER US 60 is a colorless, solvent-based, liquid primer composed of Silane resins, which has been specially designed for use as primer in order to ensure and enhance a perfect adhesion between the substrate and the polysulphide or polyurethane based sealant.

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Category: Self Leveling Flooring


  • Primer for polysulphide or polyurethane based joint sealants subjected to both important stresses and movements or cyclical conditions
  • Treatment for porous surfaces, such as concrete, bricks, etc.
  • To reduce surface porosity and avoid pin holing and bubbling in polysulphide or polyurethane based joint sealant systems  

  • Ready to use for brush or roller application direct from container
  • Equally effective on old or new surfaces
  • Protects brickwork and concrete  
  • Risk of surface porosity reduced
  • Works on tensile and shear strength, or both
  • Possesses good coverage
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete and metal surface
  • Preserves natural color and texture of created material

 Method of application:

  • The surfaces must be free from oil, laitance, grease, wax, dirt or any other form of foreign matter which could affect adhesion.
  • To prevent staining the edges of joints and provide a better finish, it is advisable to place masking tape on either side of joint before applying primer
  • Previous to application, stir the content of packing using a dry and

Colour Transparent free flowing liquid
Specific gravity 0.78
Chemical type silene
component One component
Application Porous substrate

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