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PROCRETE PB 24 is a blend of poly carboxylate ether which can be used to increase either the rate of stiffening or setting of the concrete or the rate of hardening and early strength gain to allow earlier formwork striking and demoulding. This allows concrete to be placed in winter with reduced risk of frost damage

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Category: Concrete Admixure


  • Paver blocks
  • Masonry block unit  
  • In all types of low and high rise building construction concrete
  • Plain cement tiles  
  • To get improved concrete surface
  • To improve workability  

  • Ideal for stabilization of long haul concrete
  • Allows for more uniform and predictable quality concrete to facilitate placing and finishing
  • Improves early concrete strength and finishing characteristics
  • Better resistance to carbonation Lower permeability  
  • Better resistance to aggressive atmospheric condition   

Compliance standard:  
IS 9103  
BS 5075 Part 1  
ASTM C494-Type C  

Method of application:  
The optimum dosage of PROCRETE PB 24 to meet specific requirements should be determined by trials using  the materials and conditions that will be experienced in u

Appearance Clear brown free flowing thin liquid
Sp. Gravity 1.02 to 1.05 @270C
PH value 7 to 8 @ 270C
Chloride content Nil

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