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Alpesh Rakholiya

Mr. Alpesh Rakholiya


Mr. Alpesh Rakholiya hails with more than 15 years of profound experience. He joined Redwop in 2013 and made Redwop didn’t look back ever since. He supervises production and known for flawless product quality and seamless production methods. Extremely particular about quality standards, he is also known for his excellent people management skills.

"Quality production is not just about technology. In fact it is way above and beyond than just that. It is about working as a team to use technology and advanced machines to attain a common goal."

Chetan Nakrani

Mr. Chetan Nakrani


Mr. Chetan Nakrani started his journey with Redwop in 2013 and handled various roles quite responsibly over the years such as production manager, purchase manager, and finance manager. Research and development is his forte and owing to his attention for details he is an asset for the company.

"Learning never stops and when constant evolvement becomes a part of your DNA, there is no stopping or looking back. Redwop’s R&D department is the linchpin to our objectives and it will always remain so."

Manish Nakrani

Mr. Manish Nakrani


Mr. Manish Nakrani has an invaluable and vast experience of more than 19 years. His profound experience and recommendations played a pivotal role in the exponential success of Redwop. Mr. Nakrani is Chemical engineering graduate and known for his energetic and decisive personality.

"Thinking outside the box is the key. But implementation is even more important. Success comes to those who know how to implement difficult things with seamless ease while inspiring others to do the same."

Suresh Pipaliya

Mr. Suresh Pipaliya


Mr. Suresh Pipaliya has an in-depth knowledge of international business. He mad the most of his experience and expertise to help Redwop expand pretty rapidly over the years. His decisions in financial matters turned out to be extremely beneficial for the Redwop family.

"Retaining talented employees and customers is the key to the success of any organization. Manufacturing is demanding and it keeps you on your toes for several reasons and that’s when the real fun begins."